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Dreams dont age!

Prakriti devi, Patamda, Jharkhand

Prakriti has been spinning yarn for the past 20 years.

"I believe women should work because only then can they be self-sufficient," she says.

It wasn't until Prakriti got married that she realised she enjoys going out for work.

So, while her mother-in-law was busy with housework, she secretly taught herself how to spin and card wool. She worked tirelessly, day and night, to perfect her craft once she realised she could go forward with the support of her family.

Prakriti was later inspired by her friend Kalpana to overcome her inhibitions. The journey from spinner to quality supervisor was full of adventures. She remembers working for hours and then losing track of time.

Prakriti Devi, now in her early fifties, represents the women of rural India who refuse to be defined by their circumstances.

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