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Entrepreneurship Development

Rural entrepreneurship can be viewed as one of the solutions to poverty, migration, and unemployment, as well as the development of rural areas.

Skill Development

Weaving and hand work on clothing for Karigaree Foundation is providing self-sufficiency and an improved standard of living in these programmes.

The Karigaree Foundation collaborates with partner organisations to provide skill development programmes for a variety of underserved communities. Through weaving and hand work on various clothing products, these programmes gain self-sufficiency and an improved standard of living.

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Transforming lives through upskilling

We have collaborated with the Skill India Program on two initiatives, Social Innovation & Design Thinking and Skill Development for Sustainable Livelihood, to create a more equitable ecosystem for women by creating economic opportunities.

Empowerment through Livelihoods and Leadership development

Women In rural India, it has been traditionally appropriate to work on various art forms. These deep-rooted social norms result in discrimination and marginalisation of rural artisans, limiting their access to education, resources, employment opportunities and participation in decision-making processes.

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sustainable Livelihood with Karigaree foundation

Skill development training programme for Sustainable Livelihood

The intervention aims to address the effects of COVID-19 while also providing skill sets that have the potential to provide artisans in rural India with a sustainable livelihood. At the Karigaree Foundation, we are working on upskilling artisans to learn new skills and broaden their work areas.

The Elderly Project

The Elderly Project transcends beyond societal boundaries to preserve the art of weaving and hand work and help the artisans who are elderly and take pride in their work to reach broader audiences and speak their stories through their art, creating sustainable livelihood for them to support their families.

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Get Involved

Sponsor a Skill Development Program

Contribute to our ongoing initiatives to help make a difference in the rural community.

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Grassroots Leadership Development

Leadership entails taking responsibility for everyone who works with you and leading by example. Our Leadership Development programme identifies and nurtures individuals with the ability to find creative solutions, while also promoting all of the necessary skills to become self-sufficient in their own right.

Because of a lack of exposure, rural artisans have spent the majority of their time doing small projects, so developing confidence is the primary challenge.
Artisans are educated about the entire clothing supply chain, customers, waste reduction, taking ownership, and organisational values through these programmes, in addition to learning the art of weaving.

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Artisan Engagement Program

The Artisan engagement program was created to nurture the creative capacity of our artisans and thereby empower them to fulfill their aspirations.

"Julaahe Mitra" Training Program

"Julaahe" means an artisanal weaver, and we bring forth you this word to show the origin and craft, alongside their unique leadership style. ‘Mitra’ in Hindi means companion, and it’s how we refer to our rural leaders.

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"Swayam"- Self Management Program

We implemented self-management at the grassroots of rural India to unleash entrepreneurial creativity in artisans and to alleviate challenges caused by their reliance on one another.

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Partner with Us!

We want to create a partnership that benefits both our Artisans and you. With each partnership, we get one step closer to creating an ecosystem with everything from door-to-door health care to a stable income and a self-sufficient life.

For a collaboration that works for the greater good in society, please contact us at Only with your help can we realise our dream of providing a comfortable home for the rural community that they can call their own.

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