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Inclination towards social responsibility and contribution to sustainable development is quickly becoming a distinguishing feature of global brands. Mallen Baker, a writer, speaker, and CSR expert, defines Corporate Social Responsibility as a strategic act, "a way for companies to manage their business processes in order to have a net positive impact on society." Incorporating social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities into business governance ensures long-term success, competitiveness, and sustainability. CSR initiatives assist corporations in developing a dominant brand that resonates with their key stakeholders—customers, employees, the government, and the general public.

Karigaree Foundation, founded by Mr Ankur and Mrs Shriya, has always seen the corporate world as an ally in the vision of bringing sustainable change at the grassroots. We have successfully collaborated with over 40 global brands for over two decades.

our partners

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Why Partner with Karigaree

Ways to partner with us


empower women and girls

We aim to empower women and girls from marginalised communities, which will lead to sustainable positive changes in their lives and livelihoods. The participation of the corporate sector is crucial to enable us to achieve our vision and mission.

Our expertise in designing sustainable solution-based models is aligned to your CSR goals.



CSR Solutions

We work closely with our partners to understand their immediate challenges and help them identify, design, implement, monitor, and evaluate sustainable and scalable programmes. Our strategic partnerships include a multi-faceted, long-term integrated approach across thematic areas of Health, Education, Livelihood, Humanitarian Response, Women Empowerment and Gender.


employee engagement

Give your employees the opportunity to make lasting change in the lives of women and girls from marginalised communities through fundraising and skills-based volunteering. Employees may choose the causes they are passionate about, and support through payroll giving and volunteer time as well.



cause marketing

Customers take interest in and prefer brands with a purpose. Our Cause Marketing tie-ups are designed around consumer engagement while supporting the cause

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