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Protect : Proclaim : Proceed

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Help Rural India Grow

You choose to provide a sustainable life for a family when you purchase an artisanal product or contribute to our Artisan's community. Contribute to a lasting legacy by improving the lives of artisans and preserving an endangered art form.

We at Karigaree Foundation are here to help in providing equal upliftment opportunities to showcase their hand made products to the WORLD.

Empowering Rural India

Karagiree Foundation is working to improve artisans' livelihoods by weaving an eco-system that empowers rural India. We foster sustainability through skill development, training, and holistic rural development.

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Out Impact

Currently, the Foundation is active in five states: Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Jharkhand.


Lives Benefited


Villages Impacted


Job Opportunities Created


Door-to-Door Treatment


Educationally Benefited
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Entrepreneurship development

Mastering her own destiny

Urmila Ji's journey from domesticity to an empowered and qualified entrepreneur has been filled with many adventures. Life in rural India has its own set of challenges, but Urmila Ji had the fortitude and courage to turn coal into diamond.

Social Development

Educating villages

To Educate a Women is to educate an entire village. Education is critical to an individual's and a nation's overall development. We recognise the importance of education in facilitating socioeconomic progress at the Karigaree Foundation. Our Alternative Education Program is open to everyone in various remote areas across the country, not just the Artisans community. With the assistance of the best professionals in the field, the programme focuses on meeting basic educational needs.

Sushila Devi- Karigaree Education Drive.jpg
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Field Stories

Learning from the Rural India

Our Artisans are caring, dedicated individuals with exceptional craftsmanship. They believe in the concept of community and are accustomed to living in nature. We bring you 10,000 unique stories straight from our Artisans' fields and hearts.

Experience of a Life time

Experience Rural India

Experiencing Rural India through our foundation provides you with direct access to more heritage-rich villages as well as the opportunity to learn about a broader range of crafts, history, and tradition. Visit our villages, stay at an artisan's home, experience local home made food, their artwork, practise art with them and take home an experience of a life time.

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Help Rural Artisans- Karigaree foundation.webp

Make a Difference

Help artisans from Rural India grow

We see our artisans progressing on their path to becoming artist-designers. But we can't get there unless You help us. When you support our Artisans, you are not only sustaining their livelihood; you are also empowering 10,000 Artisans to stand on their own two feet and make a real difference in their lives.

Contribute to our ongoing efforts to make a difference in our Artisans community.

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